Amidst the hustle-bustle and the big city life of Bengaluru, Go Native is a quiet little retreat with a Farm to Table restaurant and lifestyle store.

Go Native Farm-to-Table offers pesticide free , locally produced food and homemade condiments and our lifestyle store houses a lovely collection of hand woven cottons and linens, up-cycled and hand crafted furniture and accessories , eco-friendly lights, handmade soaps and organic oils, books and craft for children, pop-up stores and more. We have a dedicated yoga and fitness studio and we will soon start daily yoga classes and other weekend activities and workshops that help us live a more sustainable life.

Sustainable living is not a fad at Go Native. It’s a lifestyle that we cherish and nurture for a healthy future of the planet and the people who reside on it.


When we’ve become more conscious of the food we eat and the clothes we wear, why should our homes be any different? Our brand partners in the home decor space strive to give you a home that’s thoughtfully decorated with globally inspired handcrafted goods.

GoNative creates and curates many distinctive products that are the result of tireless innovation and experimentation with materials, designs and functionality. Rugs, mats and curtains made from natural and sustainable fibres like cotton, wool, water hyacinth and banana fibres; upcycled chairs, tables and lamps, non-toxic room fragrances — they all reflect India’s rich heritage, our love for colours and patterns, and the craftsmanship of local artisans. Our partners are committed to providing the craftspeople fair wages and a safe platform that promotes creativity and growth.

At the GoNative store, you will also find traditional earthenware and cast iron cookware that is known to lend nutritional value to the foods and enhance their taste. We believe these to be a healthier and safer alternative to Teflon-coated cookware.

In a time when the fashion industry is manufacturing over 80 billion pieces of clothing every year and contributing an alarming volume of waste to the landfills, we believe in retailing selective clothes and accessories that are ethically made and designed to last years. Our brand partners are meticulously chosen for the materials they work with, their designs, manufacturing processes and (high) social and (low) environmental impact.

GoNative houses timeless, easy-to-wear clothes for men, women and babies that are made from natural fibres such as bamboo, hemp, cotton, silk and wool. We’ve discovered that these materials are softer, stronger and far kinder to the environment. They are lovingly brought to life by skilled weavers across India. Our mission is to revive traditional handicrafts for the urban Indian populace.

Our jewellery and fashion accessories section is diverse and an instant hit. Responsibly extracted precious gemstones set in gold, sterling silver jewellery and daily wear accessories made from natural fibres and blue pottery pieces, you will find them all at GoNative. Pair them with the non-leather eco-friendly bags and wallets made from water hyacinth, cork fabric, banana fibre and upcycled materials, and you have a look that will outlive any fast fashion ensemble.

Walking the extra mile

When you’re ready to let go of the clothing and accessories you purchased at GoNative, please bring it back to us. We will mend it (if required) and pass it on to those in need.

The problem with beauty as it is popularised today is that it is polluting the earth and costing us our health. The chemicals and synthetic ingredients present in these products get absorbed into our bodies through the pores in our skin, and their containers end up in the landfills. GoNative believes that if it can’t be eaten, it should not be used on the skin. That’s why our brand partners turn to nature for answers and develop products as natural, clean and gentle as possible.

GoNative houses well-curated plant-based cruelty-free skincare products that are handcrafted and contain no harmful ingredients like parabens, petroleum derivatives, silicones, SLS/SLES and mineral oils. Even the fragrances are derived from herbs and flowers best known for their therapeutic properties. These products contribute to holistic bathing and skin care experience that you will truly love and enjoy every day of the week.

GoNative also offers a range of eco-friendly and skin-friendly home cleaning and laundry solutions to further eliminate sources of harmful chemicals.

When the supermarket aisles are lined with unhealthy snacking and meal-time choices, it takes a herculean effort to make the wholesome choice. But we believe that once you’ve tasted food the way it was intended to be made, there is no going back. Our packaged F&B brand partners are mostly women-led entrepreneurial ventures looking to make a positive contribution to the community’s health and wellness.

Our partners recreate many of our daily staples — jams, spreads, pickles, masala powders, nut butters, chocolates, coffee, tea, protein bars, idli-dosa batters, instant food mixes and snacks — without any harmful GMOs, flavours, colourants, preservatives and emulsifiers. The ingredients are responsibly and locally sourced, the manufacturing processes maintain the nutritional integrity, and the business set-up ensures fair trade and eco-friendly practices.

You will also find natural packaged foods on our shelves, like honey, that are sourced directly from the farmers, beekeepers and foundations that work with tribes that live in the Nilgiri and Himalayan forests.

Walking the extra mile

Our brand partners help us keep our store plastic free. All our products are packaged in reusable/recyclable bags and glass jars. When you’ve finished using the products, you can bring back the glass bottles and we will facilitate reuse or responsible recycling.

Chemicals have become such an inescapable part of our lives that even baby foods and skincare products now come with synthetic ingredients, fragrances and preservatives. Their sensitive skin is more prone to allergies and side effects, and it also kickstarts a life-long dependency on chemicals. At GoNative, we believe that the only thing that should come in contact with the tiny tots other than the loving touch of family is nature.

GoNative’s exclusive section for kids houses a wide range of nontoxic cotton clothes, cold-pressed massage oils, organic skincare products, reusable diapers, eco-friendly toys, engaging books and more. The brand partners have chosen raw materials and ingredients that are biodegradable and eco-friendly so sustainability can be a part of your baby’s life right from the start.

We also have a range of nourishing chemical-free food and skincare products for new and expectant moms for the most vulnerable time of their lives.