Go Native Farm-to-Table offers pesticide free , locally produced food and homemade condiments and our lifestyle store houses a lovely collection of hand woven cottons and linens, up-cycled and hand crafted furniture and accessories , eco-friendly lights, handmade soaps and organic oils, books and craft for children, pop-up stores and more. We have a dedicated yoga and fitness studio and we will soon start daily yoga classes and other weekend activities and workshops that help us live a more sustainable life.


GoNative’s restaurant uses indigenous grains, pulses and spices that are consciously chosen for their positive impact towards the environment, society and wellness. All our dishes celebrate traditional and familiar flavours in slightly unusual and contemporary ways. Our foods are made from pesticide-free ingredients, homemade condiments and fresh organic produce that are sourced from farms around Bengaluru. We periodically change our menu to integrate seasonal fruits and vegetables into our dishes. This keeps our food light on the tummy, nutritious and healthy.


GoNative’s restaurant segregates waste and all the organic matter is composted and used in the farm. Our takeaway containers are biodegradable and plastic-free.

Retail Store

The retail section of GoNative is a haven for curated products made by local artisans, entrepreneurs and foundations that share our belief in sustainability. These products range from home decor and personal care to apparel and accessories. We’ve tried our best to ensure the products in skincare and F&B line are chemical-free and good for the skin, health as well as environment. The clothing, jewellery and fashion accessories section houses traditional and contemporary limited-edition collections from brands that directly work with artisans across India to revive various craft clusters. Each product in the store is handpicked to evoke an emotion and tell a story. In their simplicity and design, they remind us of a bygone era of traditions, arts, crafts, wellness and care.


To create a plastic-free shopping experience, we are driving our brand partners to explore alternative and biodegradable packaging options for the products sold at the store.


GoNative Unpackaged is a plastic-free bulk food store where you can buy high-quality organic grains, pulses, spices, cold-pressed oils, seasonal fruits, vegetables and more. Through this store, we facilitate shopping for wholesome food without the use of single-use plastic packaging. By encouraging customers to carry their own bags and containers, GN Unpackaged deals with the largest cause of urban pollution head-on. In partnership with Native Circle, we source the produce directly from organic farmers within a 500 km radius.


At GoNative Unpackaged, you can shop for nutritious alternatives to rice, wheat, oils and sweeteners that are not usually available at your neighbourhood supermarkets. As these foods directly come from the farmers without being processed, they retain their natural goodness and taste.


Sustainable Food

We source our supplies from local farms around Bangalore that practice environmentally sound farming and fair trade and grow seasonal, non GMO, pesticide free veggies and grains. This also keeps our carbon footprint low.


Supporting Native Skills

All the products in our store are from designers and NGOs that share our belief in supporting traditional and native art and craft skills and livelihoods.


Fair Trade

We trade with organisations that ensure farmers and artisans are paid fair wages that sustain their livelihoods and secure their futures.


Planet Positive Building

Go Native's building is a redesigned old house. In our renovations we have up-cycled as much as we could from the old building. We use a solar back up power, we harvest rain water, compost our kitchen waste and are committed to reducing plastic.


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

We are committed to reducing the use of plastic. We reuse and recycle what we can and responsibly dispose our refuse and waste.